services3Individual Counseling: a process between therapist and client aimed at facilitating change and improving quality of life.  The focus of counseling is determined collaboratively between client and therapist.

Group Counseling: a group of 6-8 people working together to create positive change in different areas of their lives, facilitated by a trained therapist, often used in conjunction with individual therapy. Read more about Groups offered.

Addiction/Substance Abuse: therapeutic treatment for use of psychoactive substances or processes (including drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, sex etc) causing issues in a person’s life.

Trauma (PTSD and Complex Trauma): Trauma caused by interpersonal stressors (caused by other humans).  Complex trauma can stem from physical, sexual and emotional abuse, exploitation, sexual assault/rape, as well as disasters/acts of god, war experiences or a number of other factors.  Trauma treatment is done through group and individual therapy, based on individual need, and draws heavily on systems like Seeking Safety, TREM and EMDR. You may also read more about PTSD here.

Anxiety: nervousness, worry, self-doubt, fear and paranoia that may or may not be linked to stressors in real life.

Depression: feelings of sadness, hopelessness, apathy, irritability and down mood, usually lasting for longer than two weeks and/or without a clear cause.  Learn more about depression here.

Grief: therapeutic assistance to cope with loss. Read more about grief here.

Career Counseling: assistance for those struggling with work/career issues.

Relationship Issues: assistance coping with interpersonal relationships.

Interventions: sit-down groups, encouraging the seeking of help, with family/friends of someone struggling with addictive behaviors, facilitated by a trained therapist. Read more about interventions here.

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