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Stress, Anxiety and Frustration possible results of Negative Thinking Patterns?

Challenging Automatic Thoughts

“I know that I am not happy with the way I am, but I can’t seem to change.”

I frequently work with clients who have developed deeply ingrained negative thinking patterns that continue to generate unhealthy feelings and have supported inappropriate or destructive behaviors.  We all have an ongoing conversation within us (internal dialogue), but sometimes we do not take the time to pay attention to debate the counter productive messages we say to ourselves. For example if someone said “Every time you try something you fail.”, most people would take a moment to challenge that viewpoint. “Wait a second.”  However, some of us will engage in detrimental self thoughts without a second (challenging) thought.  

It may be beneficial to explore existing thought patterns and begin the process of challenging  them in order to find more emotional balance. The following link (click on image below) provides worksheets, which can serve as a starting point to increase self awareness, as it applies to our every day thinking. While it may be easy to identify our negative/ distorted thinking patterns, it may require the assistance of a qualified therapist to implement alternatives to accomplish a more balanced emotional state. We collaborate on developing individually tailored strategies and discovering coping tools, in order to begin the process of change and improve overall attitude. 

Guy Williams M.A., LLPC, CADC

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